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  1. Heeey!! Anyone hearing? This is still an issue in the V2 of the softwares. Please, take care of it, Affinity Team! I don't know, maybe use the FN key to emulate Mac's OPTION key or just let the users decide a combination of keys for such functions.
  2. Yup, also made a post for the same problem, but even after 3 updates they didn't fix it. I think it's because they mainly develop for Mac and basically only port on Windows. Please, take care of us mortal Windows users too. we are probably the majority of Affinity users anyway! 🙏
  3. Yes, this kinda helps. At the moment I can select something inside of a group/object using the move tool, then I can make a rectangle selection around what interests to me, limited to what's inside the same group. I can't find a way to convert the selection type to lasso, but it's a minor problem to me. Being able to temporarly override hierarchy would be very helpful and being able to select with the lasso would be even better when needed, that's for sure.
  4. Exactly, but that wouldn't solve the problem I described anyway, and the problems seem not to end just with that so selection seems to need some more love in general and for sure they did fine adding the ability to select all objects of the choosen kind in ver. 1.9
  5. I guess it won't damage anyone if this could be an option. Anyway, mine is just an already existing and functional proposal to solve a problem that clearly is present and has to be solved somehow. One should always be able to select multiple objects inside of others by drawing a shape with the lasso or a rectangle around what's needed, without the risk of moving things around or other side effects, whether this being a temporary option or a brand new selection tool. I really suggest you to try out Rhinoceros to see how well its selection system works. Rhino is really convenient in general for linework: you can draw any kind of polyline, offset things, make arrays of things and so much more I can even remember everything, but of course it lacks layers FXs, adjustments and such we are used to. Of course it's difficult to imagine people's needs without facing their issues first, but believe me, this is something essential. Basically the need is for an option to temporarly ignore hierarchy and only use enclosure to determine whether or not something should get selected.
  6. Selection is something crucial in design software and should be intuitive and easy but at the moment it is very difficult to perform certain tasks when a project becomes complex. Example: I have an object which contains multiple objects inside of it, maybe houndreds, thousands and I have no way to find where they are located in the layers panel. On the canvas I can clearly see where they are and the simplest way to select them would be via a rectangle or lazzo selection, but "Hey, they're located inside of an object, so I can't, unless clicking on them one by one, but again, they're houndreds, thousands... so my only way to go at the moment is loosing that couple hours just to select multiple objects located inside of other objects. In complex projects, often imported from some other software, it's so frequent to get multiple objects stack inside others and in such an unorganized wayt that it's impossible to manage everything by hand. A very convenient way of selecting is offered in 3D modeling software such as Rhinoceros and the same system is also adopted in AutoCAD: When you draw a selection rectangle from left to right you select every object which is completely enclosed in the rectangle, but when you draw the selection rectangle from right to left you select every object that intersects the rectangle. Having something similar in AD and the others would be highly recommended! The image attatched doesn't represent a complex situation, but illustrates a very simple case. Imagine having thousands of separate lines here and there among the layers and you only need to select some of those and maybe some of the circles inside of the box. The most intuitive way would be to draw a selection rect all around the pieces of interest, and eventually adding more of such selections by pressing shift as always, but this is not possible at the moment, so please, work on this feature. It'd be a game changer. Thank you in advance for the attention and good work!
  7. Hello dears, these weeks I tried using Affinity Designer as my drafting software for architectural drawing. It's been a pleasure until I hardly needed tangent and orthogonal snapping. AD reveals to be a very nice software to make nice looking drawings fast, but it lacks some fundamental functions which would definetly speed up architectural and other workflows. The tools I hardly suggest to add into next versions of Affinity are: Snap to tangent and orthogonal points, well all the Autocad and Rinocheros snaps would just be fantastic. Transforms based on starting and reference point (example: rotate a line using a custom pivot and a custom reference point which can be snapped during the operation); Arrays: the ability to copy things along a curve and/or in a specified direction ad certain distances (following rotation or not and to add some more coolness: with a scale variation based on a custom profile); Grid copy: same as Arrays but based on a grid. Well, measures would also be a great add for AD in the product design field, but It'd be a to much specific need probably. I'd be so great to have such facilities.
  8. Ehy guys, yesterday I needed and probably will need in the future the ability to rotate RAW images in develop persona since Windows itself isn't able to do it. Rotating via the crop tool context toolbar is very difficult so it'd be nice to have the facility I've written above.
  9. The replacement color brush tool is difficult and not intuitive to use. Implementing a Replace color feature like the one in PS would give better control and ease of use. I think the color replacement brush tool could be litterally removed in change of a filter/adjustment.
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