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  1. Yes! thanks MEB. Affinity rocks! yd.
  2. if its only that... No troubles with Designer and Publisher ahead? yd.
  3. Does Affinity Suite work on Mohave? yd.
  4. OK i found it! We need to use the gradient tool, then select appropriate the "stop" (i think it is named that way) then from the color panel, change the tint (the amount of ink) See attachement. Where can i see the colors separation or chanels after that? YD.
  5. Thanks Gabriel, but it needs to be the same Pantone... (just with a different "tint", 100% at one end and 70% at the other) hope you can understand what i am saying... YD.
  6. Hi all, I am slowly migrating everything to Affinity products (after more than 20 years with Adobe). I have a question, One of our clients has a 3 colors logo (3 pantone) It includes a gradient shape. it needs to be Pantone 123 (100% to 70%) how do i change the fill value at one end? all i find is opacity. i dont want it to be transparent, i want it screened. Hope you can understand my English thanks in advance, YD.
  7. I second that, please consider adding Unsplash thanks in advance!