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  1. It seems that the squares appear both when I make an adjustment i.e. Shadows & Highlights and when I press the "Develop" button. I have found sometimes if I just press the Develop button with no adjustments it works.
  2. the raw file is too big for IMGUR to create a link. How should I send it????
  3. I just updated to 1.9. When developing a photo sometimes I get areas that appear to be brighter than than the general background. Never had it happen before 1.9. Its does not happen all of the time. Here is a link to the picture https://imgur.com/a/JmMGPnK. I just do not have any idea where to start to fix it. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. I also use blend ranges for sky replacements. It just bothers me that the refining tool is so inconsistent. Thanks for the tutorials.
  5. I have a photo of a house with a tree in front of it and extending above the roof line and into the sky background. I want to replace the sky. I make a selection of the sky with the tree. When I try to refine the selection, the tree area, ie limbs, is not completely defined leaving red background on the sky area. I have tried changing settings like border & ramp but to no avail. Any suggestions on how to get a clean refinement on the tree limbs???? I have included 3 screenshots showing the problem. Any help would be appreciated.
  6. Thanks for the suggestions. I am wondering if I need to un-install and then re-install. Any thoughts on that approach?
  7. The Screen shows with the title "Affinity Photo Help" but is blank underneath whereas all the other programs show what's up.
  8. Actually I have 3 screens, the icon appears on the task bar, but it won't open. I reduce all of my open programs and it just isn't there. I have used the help screens a lot in the past. I just have to believe I have a problem in the program. I have problems occasionally with the clone tool and inpainting tool. I do not know why they would be related to the help screen not opening, but it seems odd.
  9. I guess the point is that it does not work, why. Is there a glitch in the program????? What do I need to do to fix this glitch.
  10. Cannot get Affinity photo help to open. An icon appears on the task bar but will not open. F1 does not open it. Any ideas????? I have closed and reopened the program, no luck.
  11. What is the correct setting to define the source layer
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