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  1. Thanks for the suggestions. I am wondering if I need to un-install and then re-install. Any thoughts on that approach?
  2. The Screen shows with the title "Affinity Photo Help" but is blank underneath whereas all the other programs show what's up.
  3. Actually I have 3 screens, the icon appears on the task bar, but it won't open. I reduce all of my open programs and it just isn't there. I have used the help screens a lot in the past. I just have to believe I have a problem in the program. I have problems occasionally with the clone tool and inpainting tool. I do not know why they would be related to the help screen not opening, but it seems odd.
  4. I guess the point is that it does not work, why. Is there a glitch in the program????? What do I need to do to fix this glitch.
  5. Cannot get Affinity photo help to open. An icon appears on the task bar but will not open. F1 does not open it. Any ideas????? I have closed and reopened the program, no luck.
  6. What is the correct setting to define the source layer
  7. Now the clone tool and inpainting brush appear to be working just fine. I don't know what to think!!!
  8. I have been using the clone tool for 1 1/2 years now and it has worked just fine, as well as the inpainting tool. But now this procedure does not work. If I open the inpainting tool and drag it, the red area is not under the brush. It is like the sample area and the brush are not aligned. Same with the clone tool, I click to get the + sign into the brush, then I press the alt key and click. In the past it cloned from that area, but now it selects an area outside of the brush.
  9. I cannot get the cloning tool to sample within the round brush, it keeps wanting to take a sample below and to the left of the brush. Doesn't matter how I click or even get the + icon with the circle, it still takes a sample away from the brush. I have reinstalled/repaired affinity photo but it didn't make any difference. I need help.
  10. I just did a test on the same photo, one a jpg and the other afphoto. The inpainting works just fine on the jpg version but not on the afphoto version. I have no ideas why.
  11. I have never rasterized a file before and the inpainting has worked just fine, so I guess I do not understand why you would need to rasterize. Is it required for any of the tools to work???
  12. The inpainting tool does not always respond. Some files it works perfectly and on other it does not respond. Have no idea what would cause this. I am using Affinity Photo
  13. Thank you Thank you, they open just fine now. The lens is a Sigma 8mm f3.5, the camera is a Nikon D750