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    LaLaLa reacted to JenM in Secret to Sexy Curves - How to use the Pen Tool in Affinity Designer   
    The Secret to Sexy Curves is a 19 minute video about how to use the pen tool in Affinity Designer.  I share the secrets to a perfect sexy curve and together we cover everything you need to know to successfully use the pen tool to create your own sexy curves.  This is a great video for both beginners and intermediate users.
    You’ll learn how to join lines, add and delete nodes, determine the perfect placement for a node, and how to use and adjust the control handles.  I’ll show you the shortcuts to moving in and around your artwork, and we’ll even set your mouse up to zoom in and out as you work with the pen tool. In no time at all you’ll be an expert user of the move, node, pen, and view tools.
    Join me in exploring the versatility of using the pen tool for all types of drawings: perspective, graphic designs, illustrations, fantasy, manga, cartoons, silhouettes, and literally anything you can trace with the pen tool. Using the pen tool is considered a core skill in creating digital media.  Take your time, practice, and you’ll find it becomes easier every day.  
    I’ve had a great time creating this video for you. If you like it - if you learned something - please show a bit of appreciation by subscribing to my channel. It really does make a difference.  Feel free to leave comments, suggestions for future videos, and don’t be shy; go ahead and share your art with us. :-)  
    Thanks for watching, & Happy Creating.  Jen
    Timelapse segment begins at 15:00
    Final summary & and complete illustration starts at 17:30
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    LaLaLa reacted to AnnaD in Print Grid   
    I tried to ask a question, but I couldn't find any way to do it, so I am posting this here.
    Usually I don't want a grid to print, but today for the first time I wanted the grid to print with my drawing, and I cannot find any way to do that. (I looked for 'Print Grid' in Help.) If there is a way, please tell me. Otherwise, I think this would be a useful feature, but obviously should not be the default.
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