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  1. @gdenby The outline mode switching works great. Thanks. I hate digging up layer panel. @firstdefence My group text consists of simple 2 words, nothing complicate. I uploaded the file as MEB requested as it doesn't look like how it should be. Regarding the workflow, I always have problem selecting objects so I have to recheck every time I create object(s) to see where it is (they are) in the layer panel. If it is nested under something unintentionally ( this is where the problem is), I have to drag it off. I usually don't create group within group and so on, but I find it happens a number of time without my consent in AD. Thanks for your input. I am going to try the / trick.
  2. The main problem I have encountered using AD is selecting. I love the drawing aspects, smooth like butter. But selection, meh... Cannot select a path by clicking. I click every spots on the path, nothing works. Gotta drag to select object. Is it normal? Another problem is when I use "V" shortcut, it many times goes to pen tool, or node tool, not a move tool that I need. The Esc button is unnecessarily needed too many times to get to where I want to go. Another selecting problem is how to select single object within group. I posted earlier about selecting group object, in my case - grouped text object. I couldn't select it with clicking, gotta go to layer to select. It's not the easy task if there are a number of elements within the group. According to MEB, it should be fixed in the code already. After a few weeks away from AD ( crawl back to AI....sigh...), I use AD again today. Selecting the single path within group is not possible by clicking on the object. Gotto go to layer and dig for the single curve that I want. There should be better way to handle this selection issue. One more point, any time I create group, it is always nested under artboard layer. I have to manually drag it out from the nesting, which again has a specific way to deal with. In the help file, it is just as easy as in AI, but in reality one must hold the drag layer to the most left to avoid it being nested under something else. If MEB didn't tell me, I would have been in the dark. I have to do this every time I created group to avoid the selection problem. I wonder how other newbies handling this, lots of them are not forum members. AD is good for drawing, but its cumbersome workflow is something cannot be overlooked for the projects with deadline. In other word, is it meant for a professional graphic designer? I seriously doubt.
  3. I tried to change the stroke to be pointed at the both ends. Applying all kinds of brushes provided that look thin at the start and the end doesn't show the effect desired, only change the stroke thickness ( see attached pic). How to get this function to work?
  4. @GabrielM Tried restart again, now it works smooth as I wish. Thank you. Problem solved.
  5. @GabrielM I did what you suggested, didn't work. I set the preference to use mouse wheel to zoom, I can zoom with 2 fingers dragging. If I detick this option, I can pan with 2 fingers drag but cannot zoom.
  6. @firstdefence I will try that. Thanks both @GabrielM
  7. Gabriel, It is Affinity Designer, Mac, purchased version. Thanks for looking at it. It's getting a bit frustrating. I checked the help file about using tablet. It should work with pinching and dragging just like how I did in Adobe Illustrator, in reality, it does not. I tried every setting in AD preference and Wacom preference, none works.
  8. Mmm...I was really careful dropping, seeing the blue line indicator then drop. However anytime it just nested under the layer I want to just place it under. I made a clip, so please can you have a look if there is better way to work this out. clipping.mov
  9. I understand now that I accidentally nested the layer in another layer. I follow the way how to rearrange the layer up and down. I see the blue line, drop the layer. Then it nested inside another layer, not under it as I intended to. How do I get the layer to the bottom of the stack without nesting it with any layer?
  10. Meb, I am sure I didn't do any clipping, don't even know how to do it yet. I am checking the link out, see if I did something indicating the clipping action.
  11. The object was created in one layer. I created another layer, drew some other objects. The first object though with stroke and fill just disappear, even in the outline view. The only way I can select it is to go to the layer to select but still it is not visible. I have to drag that particular layer on top so the object become visible. I have attached the clip if the explanation is uncleared. What is the problem? selection.mov