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  1. Thanks for your reply, I didn't mean that this specific file was 5MB in PS, I meant the usual files I used to work with. I can't check on PS because I got both Designer and Photo, and I canceled my CC subscription, but if I "do the math", I still don't think it should be this large. 1 image (the building) is 2.5 MB, and it appears in 2 layers = 5MB total 1 image (the sky) is 400kb, and it appears once. 1 svg (the logo) is less than 100kb, and it appears once with a color overlay effect and opacity. I also use one mask, a level adjustment, and tone mapping. Should this really go up to more than 50MB? Thanks again Ben
  2. Hi, I just switched to Affinity Photo and I noticed that my .afdesign files are between 50 and 100MB. Usually, my files were 5MB using photoshop. I've attached the original jpeg and .afdesign files. Am I missing something? FileSizeIssue.zip
  3. Thanks, I think I'm going to export it twice the size so it looks better.
  4. Here's one exported in the same PNG format. I've been saving images from JPEG to PNG and PNG to JPEG with no issues.
  5. Thanks for your reply tlotec and alfred, but I've been using AD for 2 months and I didn't have to resize in scaling factors, I've also been scaling large images to small ones with no issues. This is why I think I may have messed up some settings. I've been building websites, apps, and digital design related graphics and I know it shouldn't look like this, it's way too blurry. Another strange thing is that the same thing happens with SVG files. When I export the complete document in slices, the file gets exported in svg format, but it gets pixelated. I already reinstalled AD to see if this fixed the problem, but it's still the same. Here's another example of the same image at 1000px, I'm sure it shouldn't look like this.
  6. Hi, I just got the same problem. I've been using AD for a couple of months now, and everything was working fine. The only thing I did different this time is that I used the export persona for exporting a layered document. After this, I every image I resize gets blurry. I tried different formats, resampling with bicubic, bilinear and all the others when resizing and when exporting. The weirdest part is that even when I try to export as SVG, it comes out blurry. I attached an example with the original png at 2560 × 1600 and then the resized one at 500 x 312. Any other things I should try?
  7. I had the same problem. My workaround was closing the document with Affinity in the external monitor and opening it again. So I guess the problem is opening a document in Affinity in the Mac, and then dragging it to the external monitor.
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