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  1. CoffeeCream

    Get camera presets on raw image

    GarbrieIM thank you for your reply. The raw file is attached below. _MG_4746.CR2
  2. CoffeeCream

    Get camera presets on raw image

    Thx DM1. That helps a lot. Though I’m still trying to find a way to directly bring my presets back since that will save me a lot of time.
  3. Hello everyone, I’m a beginner photographer and I got some problems using this app. I transferred my raw photos taken on my old trusty 6D to my iPad Pro (iOS 11) and the original iPad photo app is showing a huge difference compared to the imported image in Affinity photo. I think the problem is because I set my camera to increase sharpness & saturation however the raw file didn’t reveal those modifications done by my camera. I have tried to adjust HSL, Curve, exposure and so many things but I just can’t get the color right. I really want that color, that feeling shown in my camera as well as in the origional iPad photo app. Is there any solution such as adding the preset or something? Thank you so much for the help! As seen below, the raw image is so fade out because of the exposure issue. After adjustment I can get some pinkish color but definitely not this darken red color.

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