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  1. I also encountered a similar problem. I am on the latest stable release ( My specific case is copying artboards which makes the whole file freeze a good ten seconds when I press copy. Pasting is not a problem though. Copying groups does not seem to have problem though. I used to copy artboards with a lot of bitmap and vector elements on previous versions. My current workflow only has vector elements, yet after updating to 1.9, copying is very slow. I am on a Windows 10 laptop, with 64GB of RAM and Nvidia GPU.
  2. @JimmyJack Wowwww. This is awesome. I think I can do that and it is a actually a brilliant fix.
  3. reglico and MEB, Thanks for the clarification. I think this partly works for me, esp . for the works are going to be exported as pictures anyway.
  4. Thank you @firstdefence for your detailed answer. But, I'm afraid your solution still will not solve my problem. Let me give an example. Here I have 128 circles, currently not filled and stroke width is 5pt. I want them to be bigger, say 10 pt, but their position should not change at all. I cannot do resizing since it changes the positions. changing the stroke width will cause donut shapes, and filling them does not really fill them. I also attached the .afdesign file. head_test_oc.afdesign
  5. As @reglico mentioned, this way of resizing will change the position as well and it absolutely does not work for the current problem. I need a way that resizes the elements in their original position, so if you have a set of 100 points, I want to change each points' height and width without touching their relative position to each other. BTW, I am doing it by hand right now
  6. Hi Alfred I don't think so. Because the elements (which for me are usually circles or dots) are generated by another program like MATLAB or a script in Python and imported via PDF. I should not change them, or substitute them, first because they are meaningful because they are in a chart or graph and second because they are too many, like 100 or more. So, I think the thing that would help me is a group resizing. Of course, I'd appreciate it if you can point me another solution.
  7. Hi, This would be a really good feature to add. I use affinity to make scientific figures and it so much happens that you want to change the size of a group of circles, dot or triangles. I have to do it manually now which is very time-consuming.
  8. Thanks Mike, it was really confusing, I really thought I had some layers because they were there in the layers' panel :D. Your 4-layer file was really helpful.
  9. Actually really nice sketch ;), Thanks. I knew about artboards, but not about layers, and thanks to you and MikeW I just got it.
  10. Hi, I recently migrated from illustrator, so I'm not sure if my question is even valid. I built up a document with layers, but after I exported it to PDF using the PDF (export) profile, and opened the generated PDF file, every info on the layer arrangement is lost. Acrobat also doesn't show the layers. I appreciate your help.
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