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  1. I would like to use a custom graphic as a bullet in a bulleted list. Is anyone familar with a way to make a jpeg image a custom bullet? Thanks, Steve
  2. @firstdefenceWow, that looks awesome! Did you happen to see the email from the Affinity Team about downloading the beta for Affinity Publisher?
  3. I was playing around with overlaying several images of the same patent text from different patents over each other with the hopes that it would 'clarify' the text. It sounded easy in my head but turned into a monster in reality. Resizing, rotating then making transparent... ugh.
  4. I must say that all the replies so far have been truly awesome. I am glad to see others find these fonts interesting since they are pretty much lost in time. I have looked through old census records and have found some people with amazingly elegant handwriting. I do believe the Cloister Black that Alfred found looks to be a good starting point. The next step is to modify the text with all the extra flair and embellishments.
  5. @firstdefence This is the best that I can do based on captures from scanned patents. I included several samples. Thanks for the interest and help! Steve
  6. Thank you for the effort and comments so far. I'm still kind of stymied on this one. I guess as a last ditch effort I can do my best recreation and hope for the best!
  7. I am trying to recreate the text used in patents back in the mid-1800s. I have found it extremely difficult to do with Affinity Designer and Illustrator (in the past). I have purchased Affinity Designer for the MAC but I fall into the casual user category. I have scanned the internet for help with little luck. I am not trying to create a new font set but just trying to create a clean copy of the attached United States Patent Office text as a vector image or whatever works the easiest. This is being used to recreate some old patents since very clean and crisp copies are not available. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Steve
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