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  1. ThoopaDan

    Join 2 Nodes

    Ahhh...ok. So that's how I started out: the smaller pill inside the bigger pill, subtracted the smaller. I just did your rectangle solution and got the result I was looking for. THANK YOU!!!! PS - old dog, new tricks and all of that but this would have taken me all of 2 seconds in AI. I understand Designer is its own beast but removing lines between points and rejoining shouldn't be so complicated.... Thanks again to all who chimed-in! Can't promise it will be my last newbie question.
  2. ThoopaDan

    Join 2 Nodes

    3rd time's the charm...
  3. ThoopaDan

    Join 2 Nodes

    I included a pic in my OP but that hasn't been approved by the mod yet? Trying again... All I want to do is join the 2 nodes on the top-right and then the 2 nodes on the bottom-right. This would make the "O" look like a "C".
  4. Prior-AI user here. How can I join 2 nodes? None of the options in the Action window seem to help. I'm basically trying to turn this "O" into a "C":

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