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  1. Hello...It does seem rather odd to have compression as a default...the problem is that there is an assumption that the file produced using LZW is smaller...it is not necessarily so. Usually with 16bit/channel files the file is about the same or ACTUALLY A BIT LARGER !! Even with 8 bit/channel not that much is gained. So it is rather frustrating to have an added complication that does nothing. Also most other programs...such as Photoshop or Pixelmator etc. have the option of avoiding an outmoded form of compression. When in doubt the best option is usually the simpler route. Thanks
  2. Hello again....About tiff compression...LZW compression increases the export file size with16 bit per channel files. In other words it does NOT WORK with 16 bit per channel files at all. It simply makes the file bigger which is strange. So export with LZW compression and the 16 bit per channel tiff actually gets larger by a several MBs which is very odd. LZW compression of tiff files only works properly with 8 bits per channel files. So it is absolutely useless with 16 bit files...anyway every other program I have used gives you the export option of turning compression off. Thanks Kevin Goodwin
  3. Hello everyone; I have noticed when saving files in tiff format in Affinity photo I am not given a choice about compression...you get LZW compression whether you want it or not and oddly enough the compression increases the file size...most other editors I have used allow you to turn off compression...I see no value in archiving files when compression is automatic and usually with tiff files not much of an advantage...possibly a nuisance later on with printing. Is there a way to export tiff files and avoid unnecessary compression? Thanks Kevin Goodwin
  4. Thank you for the quick response everyone....the issue I mentioned is not a serious one...easy to work around. Overall, I am pleased with Affinity Photo. Most of my work so far is scanning in old slides and negatives with my Nikon scanner. Slides are amazing, lovely colour, very little fading although a touch contrasty. Not so much luck with colour negs....stains and colour shifts, I think a lot depends on the chemical processing years ago as some negs have few stains and colour is easy to correct...others green skies etc. and blue finger prints !! Slow speed ( 100 ASA) B/W films scan great but lots of spotting...fast films ( 400 ASA ) grain is an issue. I have found Affinity Photo has outstanding repair and blemish removal tools.. the best I have used so far !! Perfect for old film scans. Thanks again. Kevin
  5. Hello everyone....I have noticed that when selecting in Affinity Photo, unlike other programs that I have used, I cannot tell whether the selection has snapped to the very edge of the frame... most other programs the jagged moving line, indicating the edge of the selection, snaps to the edge of the frame and you see this moving line all around. For example if I select the sky, say the top half of a photo... in Affinity I simply see one moving line through the centre of the image, in other programs I would see an entire box... the line through the centre of the image and one along the top edge of the frame and also a line down each side... thereby in Affinity if I invert the selection I still see just one moving line through the centre of the photo... in effect thereby one cannot tell whether the top half or the bottom half of the photo has been selected. How do I arrange it so I see the entire selected box with the moving selection indicator line along all edges including right on each edge of the photo.
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