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  1. I can bring up and adjust the High Pass filter without problems, but how are you supposed to activate it? There is no Apply button or anything else that I can see, and neither the Vimeo videos or the other hopeless Workbook seem to cover this step.
  2. Paul Warner FRPS

    New NIK Collection Released by DXO

    If you prepare your colour file in Affinity Photo, save it in, say, Adobe Bridge, then open it from Bridge into DXO's Nik software, will that work o.k?
  3. An interesting question. As a former long-term Adobe user and frustrated for many years by LR always telling me that I could not re-open a greyed out file because it was already open (try searching through thousands of images each time you want to re-view or print a file!). I finally changed over to Affinity and am broadly happy....although slowness in Photo can be irksome. However my point is that instead of using Apple Photos (an unknown to me), I simply downloaded the free version of Adobe Bridge to 'see' and organise images, which seems to work well, is familiar and costs nothing. It also allows me to use the Nik Collection, and others, or print out through Qimage One, which does a far better job than either PS or LR.
  4. Paul Warner FRPS

    export problems

    Thanks.....working my way through ëm all!!!
  5. Paul Warner FRPS

    export problems

    Seems to get me there now thanks, but I still can't put stuff into any sub-folders. I always (nearly) export in Tiff by the way. I am getting better but do find the interface a little quirky after Adobe (although LR is corrupting lots of my X-Trans rawfiles with magenta banding- which is very annoying).
  6. Paul Warner FRPS

    export problems

    Thanks.....will try these things (re' import). Re' export.....I have tried both through the file menu and through the export persona. No error message, just a selection of options, none of which allows me to direct the file to my chosen destination.
  7. Hi. I am new and using the affinity trial to convert/edit X Trans raw files. Getting used to Affinity and like it, but I cannot export finished files as Tiffs (or anything else!) to my external hard drive where I keep all my image folders and sub-folders. The drive is a WD My Book Duo. ( I don't have any problems on LR which allows me to select a destination precisely.) Very frustrated at present. I would also like to increase the image viewing size of files when selecting to import. At present I load my SD card into a reader which then displays on the desktop ready for import, but the image sizes are minute and my eyes aren't up to the job nowadays. If it helps I am working on a new Mac mini using High Sierra. I would really appreciate any help I can get as I really like Affinity and would like to purchase it as an alternative to Adobe LR.