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  1. Thank you, everyone! I appreciate the support I'm getting here! Ingenious method, @carl123! I love it!
  2. Is it possible to create a selection using both the selection brush and Bézier curves? This can be very useful when dealing with product photos: While the selection brush usually does a great job, there will sometimes be areas where it cannot reliably detect the edges because they're simply not visible in the photo. However, a human who knows what the object looks like can easily draw it using Bézier curves (see picture). In Affinity Photo, is there a simple way to add a selection created from Bézier curves to an existing selection (made with the selection brush)?
  3. As you can currently get a free Affinity Photo license with the purchase of X-Rite's Colorchecker Passport, I had hoped that it would be supported directly in the software. Apparently, this is not the case, even though this feature has been requested since 2016. This is frankly a bit disappointing. BTW, It seems that some people are resorting to using Davinci Resolve to color correct still images (photos).
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