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  1. Hi Old Bruce! Thanks for getting back to me. You're right - I was misusing the feature. Since putting it on master pages it's no longer crashing. Thanks again for your help, much appreciated! Scott.
  2. Hello, Please see attached the project file that the crash occurs in. Regards, Rory Project Bug.afpub
  3. Hello! Just thought I'd raise a bug with you guys before your launch of Affinity Publisher. When you duplicate pages that have auto numbering on them (i.e Page X of Y) if you do more than 4 pages the app then crashes. See attached for crash report. Many Thanks, Scott affinity publisher crash report.txt
  4. I'm full time on Linux and the ONLY reason I have a virtual machine running Windows is so I can use Adobe Creative Cloud. We spend $1,500+/yr on CC and I would happily pay the same amount (or more) to the company who frees us from Adobe and Windows. A lot of the comments on this thread are missing an obvious point - the reason designers aren't on Linux is because their software isn't on Linux. I bet there are a lot of people like me who have spent their entire career on Windows, hate Windows 10 and don't like the OSX ui/ux (a debate for a different thread). Linux is easy these days with the introduction of Mint, and I would throw money at the company who would support Linux in a viable Adobe competitor.