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  1. Hi, it's been over a year since there was action in this thread. Is an API in the meantime a possibility or in the works? I'm just a small freelance trainer, but would like to update my brochures in an easy way by changing dates, locations etc. Having an API would make this incredibily easy, otherwise it's quite a lot of work to do this each time.
  2. Thank you both for the quick answer! @haakoo: thank you very much for learning me several new things. Greatly appreciated!
  3. Hi, I'm fairly new to Affinity Photo and Designer. I'm trying to recreate an IKEA manual for a project with friends. At the moment I'm trying to create this picture: However, the standard Callout Rounded Rectangle Tool gives me a straight tail, I would like a curved tail. Is it possible to create that? And if so, how?
  4. Thanks for the tips! I'll try some stuff, now I know what the look for and where to look.
  5. Hi, I'm very new to the Affinity tools and to graphics design. For several of my trainings I want to make an overview of subjects covered, like for example this grid: https://www.istqb.org/images/advanced-level-automation-engineer.png I could make it myself in Excel, but this is quite bland and not in the colors of my preference I would like to be able to create such a grid, with colors of my choice and with some nice effects that make it look nicer. However, I have absolutely no idea on how to start that. Can sombody elaborate which steps I would need to investigate and learn to be able to create a nice grid?
  6. Thanks, I'll try to suggestions! Great forum here
  7. Many thanks! Although I have 2 issues now: 1: Text stays quite far from the left border. It is left aligned. I can fix that by making the parallelogram wider, but seems strange. 2: Text is also semi italic. Is it possible to put the text straight, but following the contour of the parallelogram?
  8. Hi, totally new to Affinity Designer and graphical stuff,so total noob. Anyway, I want to make a flyer with text in a parallellogram. How do I do that? Thanks for the help!

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