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  1. Hi Sean, In Designer the hide UI behaviour works somewhat better than Photo but not all the time. During pinch zoom in/out, many times the UI pops in just like in Photo. You will notice, in between the clip Designer refuses to rotate the canvas, after a little struggle I managed to rotate it. During full screen mode (double tapped UI button) the context tool bar appears, in course of some action (sometimes the palm also triggers the UI to pop up). I believe it is not fully rendered for this function. I have attached a short video clip. Thanks once again for hearing us out and working towards to make AF and AD fully bug proof. Robs AF9C2038-D66A-4331-A01E-A154994B2035.MP4
  2. I can also confirm the same, AD crashes all the time. Robs
  3. In this case, reset the pressure curve by tap and holding in the curve window. Now you are good to go. Hope this helps. Update : refer to attached video 1E1C14D7-34C3-47A8-B863-A4A0B99AAE8A.MP4
  4. Same here, i have to drag a bit then hold finger.
  5. Hi Daniel, I also found the cause, Its the wet effects and an issue. I will suggest you keep an eye on it, couple of times activate and deactivate it. Anyways i made a video before sean's reply. I hope It will help you. 151D06BC-3B33-4580-9F8C-1ADAE6D2CE04.MP4
  6. Hi, If you carefully relook in your video posted, initially you were using brush named Bleeding felt pen then you selected the eraser, afte that by mistake (or intentionally) in the brush studio Wobbling felt pen is selected. That is the whole reason you are geting lighter strokes. I hope it helps.
  7. I think Affinity Photo for Ipad should have the feature just like Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer has for Rotation Centre editing tool.
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