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  1. AP : Is it possible to dock the "text wrap settings" toolbar to the right side of screen ... say along side of clors, swatches, etc ?
  2. Thanks for the links v-kyr
  3. Thanks Gary ... looked around in both, but did not see any way to insert one.
  4. Does Publisher or Designer have the ability to make calendars ?
  5. Thanks for that explanation Dan ... works great !
  6. I have a file saved as letter size with .5 margins. If I add a new page the margins are set to 1" on new page. How do I have all new pages added have same .5 margin page 1 ?
  7. I had just put the spaces here to make it easier to see. Thanks
  8. Thanks Old Bruce The reason I asked where they are saved to is, I cannot find the swatches I saved. Did a search for * . afpalette and I do not see my saved swatches.
  9. I've made a couple of color swatches from photos. I realize there is an export option for the swatch, and it is a AFPALETTE file. Is there a way to save or export to be used in another program ? Where is the file location they are saved to ? Danna
  10. I often receive house plans in pdf format. Is there a way to accurately measure dimensions on the plan with Designer ?
  11. I've made many actions for different file sizes in Photoshop. Like the way Affinity does some things .... but cannot make the move to it as my go to program. Thank you firstdefence.

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