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  1. Resize Canvas is not working in Photo 2 (I have to keep switching to Photo 1 where it works perfectly to do what I need). The attached examples show, a) the centre anchor point selected (with an 10 pixels to each axis, and b) the extended canvass only appearing on the left hand side. Images are saved like this, i.e. it is not only how it appears on the screen.
  2. If I develop a RAW (.cr2) image into a pixel layer, I can copy and paste a selection and the resultant new layer will only contain that selection (i.e. what happens with V1). If I use either of the RAW layer options to develop, the selection is ignored and a new layer is created containing the entire image when I perform and copy and paste. N.B. The selection does seem to work with adjustment layers, however.
  3. Old Bruce/Walt Farrell - thanks very much 🙂. I must have inadvertently reduced the Flow setting to zero. I hadn't adjusted that parameter before and didn't appreciate its significance. Lesson learned! Thanks again.
  4. Windows 10 Ver 21H1, 64-bit Graphics Card: Nvidia GeForce 1650 super Affinity Photo Version The Clone tool stopped working during an edit and I haven't been able to get it back. I've tried restarting Affinity Photo rebooting the machine, turning hardware acceleration feature on and off. All that is happening is that the '+' to define the source stays visible and follows the circle around in 'Aligned' mode(for some reason the circle is not present in the accompanying screen shot but is visible on the monitor) but doesn't alter anything on the image. When it first went wrong, the '+' was actually moving in the opposite direction to the cloning circle. Should I reinstall Affinity Photo? Thanks
  5. Ditto. What is going on with Affinity Photo? At one time I never had any issues at all. Now it freezes on a regular basis - I think after I have done a certain amount of work with it (usually, it does provide a recovery file, but not always). I suspect it started with the release of a particular version. Turning off hardware acceleration has stopped some really weird things happening but not the freezing. Is there a compatibility issue with the graphics card, perhaps (NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 SUPER)?
  6. An intermittent error where an export fails when exporting using an existing file name (i.e. after replying 'Yes' to the overwrite? question). It invariably works OK if you immediately try again.
  7. With hardware acceleration switched on a chequered background shows through the brush area and no blurring happens. Blur tool does work OK with hardware acceleration switched off. Sharpen tool lightens the part of the image within the brush area but doesn't seem to do any sharpening regardless of whether hardware acceleration is on or off. This is with only the Background layer present and switching the brush type from Acrylic to Basic. Affinity Photo version 1.10.1(.142) Windows 10 NVidia GeForce GTX 1650 Super graphics card
  8. Just a simple macro to apply auto contrast and sharpening. I think you might be on to something with the RAW files (in my case Canon .CR2). By way of a test I just put 82 jpegs through with parallel processing on, applying the macro and converting them to Tiff files and there were no problems, in fact very fast. (N.B. as per my added note, I did discover that the RAW files went through OK if parallel processing was turned off). Thanks
  9. Running on Windows 10. Since upgrading to version 1.10.1 (.1142) there have been stability issues, especially Upsharp Mask which keeps freezing. Switching off hardware acceleration didn't help. I tried reverting to version 1.10.0 but it wouldn't let me because I had a newer version installed. Do I need to completely uninstall the software to get back to version 1.10?
  10. Affinity Photo Version Application simply closes down after saving a couple of images during batch job. No messages. Happened each time I have tried. Batch job is to convert .CR2 to .jpeg (saved in as different folder). Successfully processed many more images under version 1.9 (though didn't always process every one (sometimes hundreds). [post note edit - seems to work OK if parallel processing switched off]
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