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  1. Just WOW!! thank you! I'll try it out... I'm going to be short of time for so many infinite things you can do in Affinity!!
  2. Wow! I'm so glad I got your help on this thing that I was so intrigued by... Thanks!!! this will help me a lot in some ideas that I have like creating lights in illustrations... here I will be also supporting if someone needs my contribution!!! a big hug! thanks again!
  3. Thank you for creating such an excellent application, it has changed my life! ... I would still like to make a suggestion that would save the lives of many old school airbrushers... one way of masking through layer fusion is to do it in an unfocused way like when you apply a liquid mask applied with an airbrush, this in order to give softness to the shapes that are underneath the mask... in affinity designer the layer that has been put on the ERASE fusion when you put the "Gaussian Blur" layer effect on it DISAPPEARS! why? i only managed to solve it by converting in pixels but if i need to mak
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