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  1. @MEB Hi! The same problem happened again. Only that this time I did not force quit the app. I completed editing Photo 'A' then I closed the app. When I opened to edit another photo the next day, the same Photo A appeared. Only managed to 'reset' after deleting the file "Apple Photos Document.afextensiondocument". I really think there is a bug. Looking forward to a permanent resolution.
  2. Hi MEB, yah actually I think I might have force quit the app. Most probably encountered some problem n it hung or something. Nonetheless I think it would be good if you guys could eventually look into replicating the problem to prevent it from happening. Not the most convenient to have to reinstall the app every time I force quit especially since I am running it on a rather old Mac. Other problem I have now is that the app seems to take up a lot of CPU on my 2012 iMac. I suspect the reason is because of my iMac's vintage. Hopefully no other problems anytime soon :-D Thanks.
  3. I think I might have figured it out. I tried to delete and reinstall. Didn't work. I tried again to delete Affinity, then searched for any remaining files and folders. Found and deleted this "Apple Photos Document.afextensiondocument", then reinstalled Affinity. And somehow it worked. Now it's back to normal. Not quite sure why but it's good enough for me. :-D
  4. Hi, not sure if this is a bug but I've been facing this particular problem lately. For the past few sessions, whenever I try to edit a RAW with Affinity via Mac Photos, the same photo keeps loading, i.e., even though I open file A, or B, or C, or whatever, it's always file D that appears. Even when I used another Mac Photos file (I've divided my photos into Photos 2018, Photos 2017, etc), the same D appears. It's just like a never-ending nightmare loop. I can't really remember the exact details as to how or when the problem started appearing. I suspect it was when I wa
  5. Not sure if it's a bug, or it was designed as such. Either way, I've tried as per RC-R's suggestion and it worked! In short, I selected the RAW then clicked on edit on the upper right, then clicked on extension (5th icon from the top right screen), and it goes to Affinity's Develop, after which I could proceed as per normal. As for right clicking and choosing to Edit with "Affinity", what owenr says make sense to me. Only that I have problem saving the edited file back to Mac Photo. @John Rostron so when I open using the right click edit, the file opens as TIFF, which
  6. Hi p_mac, I noticed the same too. When I imported both Jpeg and Raw to Mac Photos, they both look a bit different but not as drastic as I would expect between a Jpeg and a Raw. When the Raw was opened in Affinity as TIFF, it looked the same as when I view the Raw in Photos. But when I opened the Raw exported out from Photos directly in Affinity, it was very different from the 'Raw' in Photos. Not quite sure where the issue might be from. Just hoping Affinity can replicate the problem and find a solution soon. I am just hoping for a good replacement to the likes of Aper
  7. @MEB 1 more thing I noticed. After editing the TIFF photo using Affinity, I closed the file as per before when a prompt will appear asking me whether I want to compress and layers and save it to Photos. I did the same but I was given the option to save the TIFF with layers, or to save as. When I opted for the former, Affinity shows that it is exporting the file presumably back to Photos. But back in Photos, I cannot find the edited file. It appears if I want to save my work, I have to separately save the file into another folder and possibly transfer it then back to Photos. Thanks!
  8. Hi all, thanks for your prompt replies. Much appreciated! :-D @MEB - I have uploaded a sample file. Pls take a look. Thanks! @p_mac - thanks for confirming. At least I know I am not the only one facing the same problem. Seems like it is more likely a bug? Will take a look at Capture One Pro. I reluctantly moved from Aperture to Mac Photo. Been on the lookout for a better management software. Was hoping Affinity will come up with one soon. But it's been a long while :-(
  9. Hi, Can really do with some help here. Just got a Sony A7R3 not too long back. I use Mac Photos for my photo management. From Photos, I tried to edit my .ARW raw files using Affinity. However, when the file's opened in Affinity, it is converted to TIFF. When I export the RAW file out and open it directly with Affinity, it opens as RAW. Not sure if it's a bug, or I have some settings done wrongly. I had no problems with my previous camera, OMD-EM1. Thanks!
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