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  1. Hey MEB, Thanks for the quick reply! Good to know. The additional mask opacity slider would be a great feature; when you have multiple shades of grey on a mask (as in; multiple levels of opacity) the slider's great to adjust the overall level of the effect without painstakingly having to adjust the 'greys'. Do you know if there's a (temporary) workaround, or a way to 'break' it again? I used it to dial in effects on certain parts of the image, using the slider to fine tune it.
  2. Hey y'all! Ever since the update to 1.8 the way the opacity slider acts on mask layers changed. I can try to explain it using words, but I made some screenshots to show you what changed. As you can see in the last two panes; the way the opacity slider behaved in the new and old version changed completely. Now, I now that applying different shades of gray on the mask can achieve the same thing (which I used to make this example) but I loved how the slider worked in the previous version. Especially when using various degrees of grey on the mask. With the slider you controlled the entire mask. Anyone know how to fix it or a workaround? Or should I hope it'll be patched in the next update? Thanks!
  3. Sadly, this workaround also doesn't work for me. I tested it out with this file: 1. I made a group with two adjustment layers (HSL sat is turned down all the way) 2. I applied a mask, and as expected it masked out the entire image 3. I added a blank pixel layer as mentioned above and reset the image by zooming out entirely. As you can see; the entire adjustment layer group is cancelled out, as mentioned above by ctrubac
  4. If I wanted to apply the same mask to a few layer adjustments, I used to group them together and apply the mask to the group (see picture). That used to, until the last update... Now it masks my picture (it masks out the image, instead of only the grouped effects). What can I do to go back to my original state? Thanks!
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