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  1. I hope so but it’s been reported by lots of users both on Mac and iPad since back in April and they fixed the issue for them but iPad version still broken it’s so frustrating as I’ve got to do some important work very soon and because I am away from “civilisation” won’t be able to do any update
  2. Why has my post been deleted ??? I asked how to sort out the issue of swapped channels when exporting LUTS and when that would get fixed and didn’t get a reply, worse, the post got deleted ! I use lumafusion and creating my LUTs is crucial to me, without it affinity photo is not worth it for me.... so let’s hope this doesn’t get deleted again AND I get a reply from the developers on when the issue will be solved
  3. As far as I know this has been an issue that has been raised so many times by not only your community but also by developers of other softwares (LumaFusion). when exporting a LUT the colour channels are swapped making basically the feature useless ! So frustrating as it is such a simple fix/minimal update ! i have some big projects coming up in the next couple of weeks and really need the issue sorted. If the app was free I’d say fair enough but when it’s a paid app please iron out old issues before implementing new ones ! thank you
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