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  1. I tried Readdles Documents too, but I didn‘t find a way to use it for accessing documents on a network drive. To me it seemed, that if you select Open from cloud (Affinity) > Files (locations) > Documents (Readdle), you can only choose local files, which are stored in the Document app (locally on the iPad), but you can‘t use the network locations configured in the Documents app. Is that correct, or did I miss a config option, which makes the network locations available in the Readdle Documents app?
  2. Thank you! Could you also add, that „FileBrowser for Business“ by Stratospherix is showing the same problem. This iOS app is highly regarded for it‘s iOS 11 files inregration. Maybe it can be used as a reference. DS File is probably not implementing the new iOS 11 files standard and therefore might not work, but that‘s only an assumption.
  3. Hi Leigh, thank you for the warm welcome! It would be great to hear how it works out for you! I completely agree regarding the DS apps. Once those apps where a reason for buying from that company, but at the moment the apps are not well maintained and out of date (no full iOS 11 files integration so far). That‘s why I‘ve started to use „FileBrowser for Business“, which is highly regarded for its iOS 11 files integration. But even with that storage provider the open/save-in-place it doesn‘t work for me.
  4. In my general preferences the „Save Location“ ist set to „On my iPad“, which doesn‘t save the changes through to my NAS. Didn‘t try the „iCoud Drive“ setting yet, but I woul assume, that in this case a new file/copy on iCloud Drive is created. Looks like for some people the feature works, and for others it doesn‘t. Maybe it depends on the implementation of the storage provider, which is used by the Files app of iOS, in my case Synology (DS File) and Stratospherix (FileBrowser for Business). Just another thought... I‘m editing a JPG. Is that supported for saving the changes back to the network drive, or is that only working with .afphoto files? The description in the release notes sounds like the feature of saving your changes to the file opend from cloud should work with all file types.
  5. I'm trying to get the new functionality open-in-place (AP 1.6.7) to work and want to open a JPG directly on my NAS (Synology), edit it and save it back in the original location (i.e. overwrite the existing file on the NAS). So I "open from cloud", select the file on the NAS via the files app (through location either "DS file" or "FileBrowser Biz", i.e. the document provider, which provides access the NAS), edit the picture, and finally choose "Save" from the "burger menu" in the overview/welcome screen, just like the tutorial video showed. It all looks good, except, that the file on the NAS is not updated with the changes and I have no idea, where the "Save" action puts the file. My guess is that it's not saved at all. Any ideas what is wrong with this approach? Is this functionality (saving back to original location) only working with the iCloud drive location? (I was hoping it was generic, for all locations available in the files app...) Thank you for any feedback!