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  1. Hi @walt.farrell Thanks for the info! I guess that's one workaround I've already bought Affinity Designer, but I would still like to hear from the devs, before getting Affinity Photo/
  2. Hi @owenr Thanks for the tip, but yeah unless I can record macros, then its not of much use Would be awesome to hear from the Affinity devs, whether this is something they are planning to add.
  3. Hi guys Has this feature been added yet? I really need to be able to resize by %, and save it as a macro. The current methods don't work (I've tested the demo recently). I would love to buy this software, but this is one of the main feature I will be using. Thank you in advance
  4. Ninjadoodle

    Resize - By Percent

    I agree with this also - can we please have a % unit so we can use it with macros.