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    AD [instant crash]

    Ok... I did a lot of tests... My problem with groups (AND CRASH) is with constraints. I resintalled 1.6.4 and star a simple test: I selected all elements from an artboard and reset all constraints (I selected all and deselect all again than select just the size constraints, inside que square on constraint panel). The group worked and, until now, when I move the artboard didnt crash. And, of course, befora all these tests, I reinstalled, restarted, cleanup and everything to be sure that isnt on my machine or my operation system. I hope this help the developers to solve the problem and the users that maybe have the same issue. Thanks again.
  2. fantejr

    AD [instant crash]

    Im with a similar issue... Every time that I try to group only vector elements or move the artboard, AD just crash with an issue without treatment. I cannot work with any of my files (they are all created in AD, not imported from another software). If I copy the old elements inside a artboard in a new document the issue still hapenning. I'll need to downgrade to 1.3 and wait for a new version or do we have another sollution? Ty. Sorry, I forgot to mention... When I group the elements, they are repositioned out from artboard and all resized, loosing my layout completely. Update: the group issue (not the crash) is hapenning with 1.3 too. I hope you can understand, my english isnt so good.
  3. Thank you very much for this update.
  4. Yes, sorry. Sometimes works releasing the object... Sometimes I need to release AND cut + paste. The alignment works wrongly too.
  5. Ok, one year month later... And the issue still hapenning.