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    Skewing a shape

    Exactly what I need Rjx
  2. RJ Scott Author

    Skewing a shape

    Ok, no worries... still less than an annual renewal for Photoshop... Thank you for all your replies x
  3. RJ Scott Author

    Skewing a shape

    Thank you for answering. Am I right thinking that Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo are two separate purchases? RJ X
  4. Hi guys, last question. I need to *skew a shape* to fit it on an image of an iPhone that has perspective. (BTW, this is not the same as using the two arrows, which I found - nor a problem with the concept of shear vs skew). This is the image I am working on. I need to pull the top right corner of the cover image to go on the iPhone down, and the bottom right corner of the cover image up so you have proper perspective. I've searched help, and checked out a lot of videos. If you can help then this is cool. RJ
  5. RJ Scott Author

    Erasing background behind hair

    Thank you so much guys for the responses... this alone makes me think Affinity is a good option for me I love an active forum. I will try everything you said and report back. Luckily it isn't always something this dark as a background that I am working with. RJ X
  6. Hi guys. I'm trialling the software as an option instead of photoshop. One of the things I need to do is *cut* out a model from the background without losing stubble or hair texture edge. Does anyone have any ideas of the best way to do this? In photoshop I would use *erase background* and mess about with the options to keep the hair intact. Attached is an example of the kind of image that I need to *cut* the guy from. Many thanks in advance. RJ