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  1. Good morning: I'm Jim Offord. I am a research scientist who works with confocal microscopy images a lot. Until recently, I have done most of my editing in the software that comes with the scope, and with a copy of Photoshop on a lab computer. I am pretty excited to be able to use Photo on my desktop(That way I can work at home where the coffee and music is better.) I was a long time user of Freehand in the good old days. Then moved to Canvas, then moved to Illustrator. Those were all paid for by my former employer in Big Pharma. Since I moved back to an academic position, I have been more frugal. I was interested in Designer when I ran across it, and I have been using it for a while now. I love it. I am looking forward to using Photo. I have different uses for the software, both Designer and Photo, than most of the people on the forum. I have used Designer to put together illustrations for grants and publications. Worked great. One note-I notice that you (People at Serif)will be posting on Facebook and Twitter. I hope that you will also provide the information in places outside those two. I am neither a Facebook nor a Twillter user-by choice-so if you could make sure that the information is available in some other venue, that would be great. Now, off to do some work in Photo. Jim
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