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  1. Thx, but why isn't this happening when I reset EVERYTHING to default? How do I know other settings haven't been reset to default?
  2. Yes following the steps and it doesn't reset to dark background which concerns me as I messed around a lot (i.e. in the performance section) before I purchased the AP book and am wondering what else isn't reseting. So I want to a total reset before diving into the book? I'm on Mac OS
  3. Thanks for your prompt reply. I've done all that but when I launch AP I'm presented by the White workplace which I know isn't default i.e. black background is. What am I missing? Thx
  4. Hi, I've studied the forum, I've followed suggestions about holding down option key on a Mac when launching AP and hitting clear. I've followed the edit/restore to default (greyed out). I've uninstalled AP and reinstalled BUT I can't get AP to restore to factory default? Please let me know what I'm doing wrong? Many thanks for help and patience
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