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  1. Hi. I noticed this banding in the raw files from my z6. I suspect it might be a problem with affinity photo, as the same pictures look fine in other editing software, or as SOOC jpegs. Could this be an issue with affinity photo's converter? I am attaching a crop that shows the issue, as I cannot attach the entire 50megabyte raw . The striping is vertical and can be seen mostly in the out of focus areas.
  2. That would indeed be very useful, right now if one wants to apply the same corrections to some photos it is extremely tedious. Also the possibility to import a batch of RAW and apply all th same edits would be good
  3. Hi! I'm looking to make some large prints (say 20 by 30 inches) and as my understanding goes I need to resize my 24mp images to 9000 by 6000 pixels in order to print them at 300dpi. Does anybody have any tips/know any tutorial as to the best way to do this in the iPad version of affinity? thanks a lot
  4. Hi, As you will guess from the following, I really don't know much about photo editing. My question is, when I develop an image in the raw persona to continue working in the photo persona, what format is it being converted in and what data is being lost from the raw file? I see that some adjustments are possible in both personas, would the result be the same? thans a lot
  5. Ok that’s what I thought. Not a huge deal but I’ll have to adjust my workflow. Could be a nice thing to implement in future updates. Thanks for your reply btw
  6. Hi, is there a way to target the tone curve in the develop persona to a single colour channel (eg. red)? I used to do this in lightroom but I cannot quite figure out how to do it in Photo. I’d be glad if anyone could point me in the right direction. Thanks a lot
  7. Hello, I have a question for the iPad users out there. I have recently purchased the app and I love it, however I have noticed that whenever I use I to work on a shoot (say 70/80 raws) the storage that the app uses in my iPad increases even after I deleted all the files from the app. For example if I import some files, edit them and then see that the app occupies 2gigs, I can later export and delete all of them from the app, and the occupied storage will hardly decrease at all. I can see from the settings that the app is storing 1gig of data, when I know that there is supposed to be nothing on there. So far I have found that the only way to fix this is to delete and reinstall the app, which will restore the situation, but it is a far from optimal solution. is this a known issue, or am I missing a trash bin somewhere? Thank you very much Aldo
  8. Hello, I am trying to apply a filter selectively over an area of an image. I understand that this can be done by applying the filter over a selection, but this leaves an hard edge that does not work for what I’m trying to do. With live filters (such as Gaussian blur) I know I can use a gradient, however is there a way to do the same with filters that are exclusively distructive (such as the radial blur)? Alternatively, is there any way I can soften the edge of a selection? thank you Aldo
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