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  1. Thanks, Gabe. I’ll give your suggestion regarding the graphics card driver a try.
  2. Oh, OK...I purchased it from the Affinity Store, so I guess I’ll wait to be notified. Thank you so much for the clarification.
  3. Thank you! So, I have Windows 10. According to the chart, I should have had updates. Am I reading the chart correctly-I need to go to the Microsoft store to get the updates? Do you know if I’ll need any info (like my product code, etc.) to get an update at the Microsoft store? Thanks for your help.
  4. According to the Affinity Store, "when you launch your product, you’ll be prompted to download the latest update if available. On clicking Download you will be directed to a web page that will offer you the latest Windows release for your Affinity product." I've had Affinity Designer since December 2017 and have not been prompted to download any updates. The version I currently have is 1.65.123. Can somebody tell me is there been updates since then? (I'm getting numerous crashes so I'm thinking that it has to do with not having the latest version.) If so, is there a link to get the updates? TIA
  5. Esmer Wear

    Update fails

    Thanks ! Was having difficulty downloading the update. Followed instructions posted by "amccullg" and it worked!
  6. I'm not able to download the newest version. It goes through the motions of downloading but doesn't show up in downloads. I've repaired, uninstalled, and installed-nothing works. Still at

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