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  1. Some progress - maybe. It seems that on all the lines that disappear the line width has been set to zero in spite of 0.8 being selected. If I select one of these missing lines by selecting an area and then click, the line width has been set to zero and setting it back to 0.8 makes the line always visible. I also found, quite by accident, that if I had a line disappear, select TEXT and click on the drawing, but don't enter any text. Then select the pen tool and 'Hey Presto' all the lines become permanent! Confused I am, but getting there. John
  2. Hope this helps - for this picture the lines went in straight away no problems. What should I be looking for? In the past I have relied on Affinity for the pictures and words, loaded these into PPX9 and then added the lines there - quite unsatisfactory though. John
  3. The lines are showing in the layers panel, if I select one of them the line shows up surrounded by its bounding box, then disappears again when I select something else. This sort of indicates to me that it is hiding behind a layer or something similar but no matter how much I fiddle and reset I have found no sequence yet which resets this. The line width is definitely set with a stroke width of 0.8 mm. One thing I have noticed is that when a line is going to be permanent, it seems matginally thicker when boing drawn, and then I know the system has reset! JOhn
  4. What do you mean by a screen recording? Not sure I can do this anyway. The original drawings are created from a CAD package and screens I compose from the parts of the drawings are saved as PNG files (see previously attached picture). These are then opened with Affinity Photo and saved as an Affinity file, to which I add text frames. It is when I add the lines to go from the test frames to the part that I hit these peculiar issues. John
  5. I do a lot of technical drawing and wish to add titles with lines pointing to the parts on the drawing. I have a lot of difficulty using the Pen Tool which in principle ought to be very easy. Most of the time, after I draw one line and then start another, the first one disappears etc etc until all I have left is the last one. After much fiddling all of a sudden it will work but it is getting the right fiddle to get to that point and so far I am just perplexed. John
  6. Found it and everything back to what passes for normal here. Thank you for taking the time to respond - very helpful.
  7. Afer a couple of crashes when dragging a PNG into the screen all the useful stuff such as histograms and resizing bars are now missing and I cannot for the life of me find a way to get them back. Any suggestions would be very welcome John Bateson
  8. Just a thought I bought Qty 5 PP4 quite a while ago for distribution among a team. Although the team has effectively disbanded I am still using PP9 quite extensively for relatively minor skilled publishing work, mainly instruction books with lots of diagrams. I hate using old software and while PagePlus X9 doesn't quite reach that line, it will in the future. There are many examples of such things happening, when support disappears and the programs become unstable and unusable over time. Given the uncertainty about being able to import from PP X9 (and all the older versions) and given the expected price with all the chargeable updates as we work through the versions, it is now likely that Microsoft Publisher as part of my Office 365 suite must become a candidate. It has its critics and is not wonderful for artists, but it has very acceptable layout tools and I may as well train myself in that rather than a new package such as Affinity Publisher and save the extra pension money. After all I am rapidly, (and far too fast in my opinion), approaching my own use-by date! I fully understand and respect the decisions made by the developers and I have argued many times with software projects that it is often better to start from scratch rather than cover all the bases and over complicate the final package - there are still Windows 98 users out there unhappy because they have been cut-off but sometimes you just have to bury the old stuff, its too expensive to keep. However, if the community is large, the tears of dismay will cause a flood. I wish the developers the best of times and not the worst of times - they will get a lot of stick whatever they do. John