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  1. Thanks ... my tomatoes just did fall off my eyes ... ,-) Got it in CHINESE now, verrry funny ... (haha!) no thanks, I ll better try to improve my written english ... as long as people understand ...
  2. Hey Patrick, thanks loads! Just did! and its even in German*** ... cool! sänk Yuuu! *** which leads me to the question how to set the menu-language to english ... cause reading ENGLISH forum post for a GERMAN surface is mad ... I use "app language chooser" for Logic and Final Cut, but it wont work with AFFINITY ... (restarted both, prog and mac) ... couldnt find it in the prefs ... (maybe tomatoes on eyes) cheers!
  3. Thanks! Great idea. It also allows to zoom it, which I never can achieve with the online help (same in Logic, Final Cut) There you sit with your 27" screen, reading 9pt fonts, and your eyes go: "are you insane?" so thanks loads!
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