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  1. When i make drawing on Affinity Designer and put objects into another object (clipping mask) the overall drawings got completely destroyed when it's converted into SVG. My temporarily fix is not to mask anything and use geometry (divide, add, substract, intersect, etc) which is very exhausting to do. Is there anyway i could fix this so i can convert it to SVG without any problem? thanks in advance
  2. Hi Dan, that .afdesign i just sent you is the one that's already cut with geometry. But the point is i can't seem to export them with a clipping mask on. Anyway, this is the format i'm using, it's a custom format that i made Thanks
  3. Hi Dan, i've uploaded the file. Thank you so much for your help
  4. So i made a stroke of path, and i wanted to continue the path using the pen tool, instead of continuing the path it made another unjoined path.And there's that little circle icon on the cursor. What is going on? this wasnt a problem before the update.. Oh yeah, i have to capture my screen because screenshot doesnt capture cursor. please help me.
  5. Sometimes when i tried to pan (either by using view tool [H] , space bar, or middle mouse) it doesnt move or work. I had to restart the app to be able to make it work again. Thanks
  6. yes exactly! i use wacom tablet too, but switching to other apps didnt do it for me. i had to either quit the document or the apps
  7. yes i do sir