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  1. I have the same problem with the same (almost) workflow. I wanted to get away from the desktop ( and Adobe) and work mainly with the iPad Pro and Affinty, but apparently that doesn’t fit Apple’s vision: No import into iPad without going through Photos, and no support for something as basic as the desktop app’s “i” button in iOS. The Affinity part of the workflow works better than I hoped but the EXIF/metadata black hole of iOS/Photos/iCloud Photo Library has ruined everything. Third party apps like Exif Viewer help, but again everything falls apart when the file goes back to Photos and iCloud. I have to assume Apple is going to eventually phase out JPEG, only support its proprietary format, and eliminate RAW completely by making the workflow too burdensome. It’s not that Apple wants users to do it Apple’s way, they insist that Apple’s way is the only way.
  2. AZBrian

    Cannot import .orf files from cloud

    I’m having the same problem with .ORF files on the new 10.5” iPad and iOS11 running Affinity 1.65. Reminds me of older Photoshop CS versions that wouldn’t support .ORF files. In that case, it took Adobe a couple three years to get it fixed. Here’s hoping Affinity works faster, I want to get away from Adobe and being chained to the desktop.
  3. Even with the iOS 11 and Affinity 1.65, the app sees the RAW file in Photos, but crashes when it tries to open... is this a particular problem with Olympus RAW format .ORF?
  4. AZBrian

    Saving back to “Photos”

    Okay, that means you have to export/save outside of Photos? And there is no way to get that info created in Affinity (name, size, version of edit etc.) into Photos?
  5. AZBrian

    Saving back to “Photos”

    Thanks for the explanation to RodneyB on the the export>share>save a copy>cancel to get the edited image into Photos, but... if I’m playing around with several versions, with different edits, how can I see which is which in Photos without the file name that Photos apparently won’t show? Is there a way to somehow ID the Affinity-edited file(s) in Photos? Thanks for any help...

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