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  1. Seems like the problem here is people not understanding how Windows works in this case, so Let me explain it: Windows Registry has all the extensions of the files on it, the registry is the one that really controls what open with what, which program appears on the Open With section or the default program for any extension when you double click, what appears on the open with list or not, etc. All that is right there in the Registry, which is not even hidden and you could even go and manually modify and apply and do whatever you want with it. That's how windows works. Affinity Designer, Photo or any other program doesn't have the power to do anything about it, they can only write their little line to the registry and then you as an user are the one who has to correct that behavior if i doesn't behave the way you want. Yes, some programs register themselves as the default one for some reason, but the majority will just add themselves on the list and you can then easily select if you want them as default. So, when you create a Designer file, Windows uses only the registry to know what program is associated with .afdesign files, or if there is no default program it gives you the list, etc. there is no magic about it. So how can anyone expect Designer Beta to only open beta files? It is impossible, no program can do that, it's Windows Registry only power. Unless Affinity created a new extension just to be used on beta, which won't happen for obvious reasons since it doesn't make sense to do that, then nothing but you can fix that. So the only way to fix this is make sure you have the program you want to be default is by: Right Click -> Open with -> Choose Another App and Always use this app to open .afdesign files and then use the app you want. or the long way: Windows Settings -> Apps -> Default Apps -> (scroll down) -> Choose default apps by file type -> find .afdesign -> select Affinity Designer non-beta They even have the "Open non-beta document" dialog which lets you even make a copy and all, and even tells you that they won't work on release so there is no open old release files on new beta by mistake and modify them and don't know you did it. The only thing I would suggest to Affinity as a Windows user in this case, it is to add Affinity software to the Set Defaults by App, so anyone can easily see any type file that is supported by Affinity and see which ones are or not associated with Affinity Designer/Photo/Publisher or other program so they can easily be reassigned if needed.