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    Media Browser Missing

    Is there any information about the missing media browser?
  2. Please can you add a Shortcut for Text Horizontal Scale, need this often for manual paragraph fine-tuning.
  3. Hallo, why does the emboss layer effect only work at a certain opacity of the brush? Or have I overlooked a setting?
  4. Thank you very much, Emboss is then available, but the result is not convincing with a area behind it. There is no difference between 20 and 50 percent opacity and a new layer would have to be created for each brush stroke with a different opacity. For one task I'm working in PS with this functionality and I hope that Affinity Photo will be optimized here.
  5. Thank you. We work on Mac OS X an we have a work around: open the document in Publisher, change the colour, save and then open in Affinity Designer again. So please don't remove the possibility to convert aa object to a text frame and keep the colour. But of course the possibility to edit text frames in Affinity Designer would be perfect.
  6. Is it possible in Affinity Designer to change the colour of the box after changing to Textframe? That would be a nice function for me.
  7. Hello, I have two lines. From the first, I move point A with the node tool to position B. Now, I want to move the point A from a second line with the same values. How can I do this?
  8. thx, have to wait a second
  9. Very cool, a super tip and a great function. Thank you.
  10. Thank you for your help! That works 4me too. Nevertheless, I would like to see improvements on the Transformation panel.
  11. Thank you for the quick response. The simplest I think will not work for me, cause I have two lines directly on top of each other, that is a frequent use of my work. In AI I simply use the command „Transform again” for the second point. I work with documents with thousands of points and lines - it's a kind of technical drawing.
  12. I know, I can move by typing x or y plus …, but if possible, it would be great I can do this in the Transformation Menu like this ...
  13. ok. forget the slider in comboboxes, in this case I agree with you, its only a layout, but the real thing I want to suggest, is the possibility to move objects by numeric input and to say how much copies.
  14. Oh yes, I think this is very important for professional work
  15. Hello, hope you can help me. I have a brochure in Publisher with many placed photos in RGB as JPG. I want to change them to CMYK and TIFF? What is the best way in Publisher? So far i worked with ID, here it was no problem with the function "edit with". Did I miss anything? Place.pdf
  16. Many thanks for the numerous useful hints. I will reconsider one or the other step. Nevertheless, there is no possibility in Publisher to select a Photo and choose "Edit with ..." with a right mouse click - that's what I miss.
  17. I produce artwork for offset printing in Germany. I prefer CMYK because the printer prints with these colours and I want to control the values accurately. I prefer 300 dpi TIFF files, even if a 300 dpi CMYK JPG uncompressed file should not give a worse result. In TIFF files, for example, I can implement a clipping path. I would like to change the image size if, for example, I get an 80 MB file, but only need a small image in the brochure. I would very much like to work only in Publisher. What I also urgently need for my brochures is the possibility to create a picture credits for the imprint from the picture information. That would be very cumbersome by hand with about 100 photos in a brochure.
  18. md_berlin

    Media Browser Missing

    That is a shame, but many thanks for your answer.
  19. Is it possible to automatic rename a colour with the correct CMYK values? For example C=100 M=0 Y=0 K=0 instead of "Light Blue” or "MyColour5".
  20. ist there a possibility to display a guideline for the Text Wrap?
  21. If you open the text style palette and than pinch to zoom your document in the background, only the content, not the page, change the zoom
  22. Text with Inline Graphics & Anchors to objects - very important for me too.
  23. it would be nice, if it is possible, to have a chance for a shortcut für Horizontal Scale Text
  24. Please can you add a Shortcut for Text Horizontal Scale, need this often for manual paragraph fine-tuning.

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