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  1. Hi, yes, I've tried that but it still feels more suitable for applying a specific point in the history than for quickly undoing some steps while drawing. However, it might be more easy to use with a pen if it could be placed horizontally with the slider stretching across the screen. Buttons would be clicked/touched a few times quickly, and could be placed near the tools, which I personally would find more efficient, as I have one hand near the left side of the screen while drawing to quickly select the tools by touch.
  2. Hi, I'm often using Affinity to draw with a pen on my windows laptop and the most frustrating part is undoing strokes. When using the laptop as a tablet, the keyboard is folded away and I can't press Ctrl+Z. While I've read that there's no touch based interface planned, I would love to be able to add shortcuts to some basic actions like undo/redo to the toolbar like this for example: Actions I would use in the toolbar would be: Undo/Redo Changing selection mode (add to selection, remove from selection, new selection) for objects on the canvas and for layers Grouping selected Layers