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  1. The target file format can be selected at the top of Lightroom's import dialog (see attached screenshot). The default setting is Copy as DNG which will convert your RAWs to DNG. Any of the other options will retain the original file format.
  2. Thank you for the info. I have now written an Automator Script which does the conversion with a single click as a service. Mario
  3. Xcode now allows imagesets to be in vector (pdf) format with a single scale. When checking "Preserve Vector Data" (see screenshot) the image is scaled by Xcode to any required size so there is no need to create lots of images in @1x,@2x,@3x for all required sizes. This is a great new feature of Xcode. In Affinity Designer I create a slice with output format pdf (for export) and choose the builder "Xcode JSON Apple Universal Icon". The JSON file gets the following content: { "images" : [ { "idiom" : "universal", "filename" : "Gear.pdf", "scale" : "x" } ], "info" : { "version" : 1, "author" : "xcode" } } But what Xcode expects for this type of imageset is this: { "images" : [ { "idiom" : "universal", "filename" : "Gear.pdf" } ], "info" : { "version" : 1, "author" : "xcode" }, "properties" : { "preserves-vector-representation" : true } } So no "scale" and an additional property "preserves-vector-representation". Is there any way to customize the output of the builder JSON file? Thanks, Mario
  4. zisoft

    Call for Camera Images

    Submitted a few RAWs, Canon EOS 5D Mark IV. Regards