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  1. Im using presets in the develop persona. I make a white balance adjustment and create a preset. When I recall the preset the white balance adjustment is not applied.
  2. I can save a file with edits to the iCloud root or some of the other folders but not the ‘Affinity Photo’ folder. I can see on other threads that this problem was known about a year ago. What is the work around?
  3. Hi MEB Can you confirm that the ability to batch process RAW files has not been added to Affinity?
  4. Thanks for that. I think the problem was with a beta release. The only way I could find to install the version released via the App Store was by stopping testing using TestFlight so now I’m not sure how to give feedback. Anyway I’ve mamaged to do what I wanted to do and got them all up on the cloud.
  5. There are two options given here which don’t work for me. Documents > export doesn’t give me an option to save to cloud. The menu icon only has an item to save not ‘save to cloud’ How do I move my projects to the cloud so I can edit on the Mac? ive a suspicion that this problem might just be with a beta release. I downloaded the version from the App Store and all it ok
  6. Is it possible to do something similar on the iPad version?
  7. I went onto the site to register expecting that I would then get a news letter to keep me up to date or give information of promotions. As I bought the iPad version through the App Store there seems to be no way to create an account.
  8. Have you got a timeframe for the release with the fix?
  9. I’ve just had a play with HDR merging using 3 jpegs from a Lumix G80/G85. The resulting image has totally saturated colors which I can’t adjust to give a result anything like the original photos. Any ideas how I fix this? Pardon me if I’m doing something stupid as I’m new to this software. I’ve uploaded the result of the merge below.
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