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  1. When doing portrait retouching, I use the patch tool to repair certain areas of the skin. In Photoshop there is an option to fade the selection. This makes the patch beautifully fade in with the surroundings and is practically invisible. I us this a lot. I can't find this in Affinity Photo. Is there a way to make this work?
  2. Nice tip! Never thought of the pen tablet. Thanks!
  3. The Alt-X is not set in my version. So I picked this one. "X" "CMD+X" and "Shift-X" have alle been taken. So this is a viable workaround.
  4. I've been using this until now. But it's not "one click". I'm looking for another solution to this. But thanks!
  5. Ok! A workaround, but it works! Thanks for the tip.
  6. Is there a way to switch the brush colours back to the original black and white with "one" click?
  7. Nevertheless: I have to export. My workflow is as follows: my base is Lightroom. Suppose I want to edit something in Affinity, I have to export from Lightroom. A TIFF is created. After doing the things in Affinity, I have to export again. Go back to Lightroom and import as a new file, while at the same time I have to delete the old file Lightroom created in the first place. Exporting in NIK, Photoshop or ON1 saves the changes in the original file.
  8. Why can't I just save an image as either TIFF, PSD or even JPG after the Develop Persona. Why this complicated Export Persona? Adobe at least got that right. This is a struggle every time. I'm sorry but I'm giving up on this.
  9. I noticed the differences when comparing the same Raw file between LR and AP. With no further adjustments the LR version showed no fringing, but there was significant fringing in the AP version. I didn't check on other things like lens corrections or vignetting.
  10. Great! Any suggestions? But that doesn't answer the question about why the lenses are not recognized.
  11. It looks like I have to manually apply lens corrections, like CA. These issues are normally covered in camera. Does this have to do with AP not recognizing my Fujinon lenses? Applying these corrections is very difficult without some profiles.
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