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  1. Hi everyone, this post hasn't been bumped in a while but a member redirected me to this discussion. From my understanding, the reason why this hasn't been implemented was due to the ability of affinity designer in relation to making plugins work. However, how feasible would a compatible plugin wherein one is able to grab resources (like icons, photos, vectors, etc.) from an online database inside affinity designer instead? I feel like it might be, since it won't be dependent on an actual application feature (for example, photoshop plugins using photoshop actions as referenced from the posts above).
  2. I know this question has been asked for Affinity Photo and people actually could, but I'm wondering if there is any way we could use them in Affinity Designer too? I'm asking specifically because I have an icon program that I use in photoshop (https://iconscout.com/icondrop/for-office) which I'm hoping I could use with affinity designer as their native windows app is still under development.

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