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  1. Hi everyone, i have taken several pictures of the same subject with different ev values( i am using a nikon camera). in high positive ev (eg +1.0)values the bright segments of the image are blown out, but shadows are displayed very well. in small negative ev (eg -1.0) values shadows are blown out, but bright segments are displayed very well. how can i merge these images, so as to create an image that selects the bright parts from the images with small ev and the shadow parts from the images with high ev? thank you all, g
  2. Hi, when i close a photo in affinity photo it freezes for several seconds, and in some cases i have to end affinity task ... hope that helps..
  3. thanks!! i have tried it and it worked good enough..
  4. Hi, i have an image file that has a vignette, but it shows really ugly( i have uploaded top left corner of the image). How can i remove it? i have tried inpainting but it does not work. thanks,
  5. Hi everybody, i am printing photos after processing them with affinity photo. ( i am using photo v.1.6.2 on win10). But the printed photos i get are different from the photos i see on my laptop screen. ( i own a canon ip7250) i have read about color profiles, but i am quite confused. before printing i convert the document to the printer color profile, but printing from affinity photo produces poor results and when printing from the printer software i still don't get the image i look on the screen. What should i do to get a printed photo that is similar to the one i look on the screen? what should be the color profile when i open a jpg file from my camera? (nikon d3300) what should be the color profile when developing a raw image file? thank you all, Giorgos
  6. Thanks!!! i will try them out...
  7. Hi, i open a raw image file in develop persona and make some changes. When i develop the image the histogram i get in the photo persona is different from the histogram i last saw in the develop persona. why is this happening?
  8. Hi everybody, i am a new user of Affinity Photo, but already like the program a lot. On default windows 10 photo editing software there are some filters you can apply to images. Some i like the most are Sahara, Icarus and Burlesque. Could anyone figure out how to emulate these filters in Affinity Photo? thanks