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  1. Add functionality to whiteboards to allow for use of designer as a wire framing, process mapping tool. As a UX designer, I make use of designer to create wireframes and ui mockups. Whilst more specific tools exist I prefer the ease of use and quality that designer offers. For use as a UI tool, it has recently made some great advances, a useful feature however would be to link artboards together to show the links between CTA and destination targets. Another way of doing this would be to have a parent dartboard that thumbnails of the other artboards could be included. This would allow the creation of advanced process flows.
  2. Not sure if these are on the roadmap, but as a UI designer, the 2 features that would help me most are: 1) The ability to change the document size of individual art boards or be able to choose a custom size instead of a pre-set. 2) For symbols to be saved so they can be used across documents. Loving these apps, just so happy that I get to use them on a daily basis for my work.
  3. Could you create a document with symbols in and then duplicate the document to use the symbols? Effectively creating a library document as a template. It would of course be useful to have a global set of symbols that can be changed and synched across documents.
  4. In the above I have selected the layers I want to move around the canvas and when I move I just get the outlines.
  5. In both Affinity photo and designer, if I select a layer (or layers) with the move tool then it is moving an outline of the layer contents and not the actual contents. This is only on some of the layers. I am pretty sure it's something I am doing wrong and not a bug. Any ideas?