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  1. Affinity designer is a great tool for UI design. To make it a fully featured UX / UI prototyping tool, please add the following: Hotspots to add links between artboards commenting / review functionality visual paths between artboards show / hide
  2. Add functionality to whiteboards to allow for use of designer as a wire framing, process mapping tool. As a UX designer, I make use of designer to create wireframes and ui mockups. Whilst more specific tools exist I prefer the ease of use and quality that designer offers. For use as a UI tool, it has recently made some great advances, a useful feature however would be to link artboards together to show the links between CTA and destination targets. Another way of doing this would be to have a parent dartboard that thumbnails of the other artboards could be included. This would allow the creation of advanced process flows.
  3. Could you create a document with symbols in and then duplicate the document to use the symbols? Effectively creating a library document as a template. It would of course be useful to have a global set of symbols that can be changed and synched across documents.
  4. In the above I have selected the layers I want to move around the canvas and when I move I just get the outlines.
  5. In both Affinity photo and designer, if I select a layer (or layers) with the move tool then it is moving an outline of the layer contents and not the actual contents. This is only on some of the layers. I am pretty sure it's something I am doing wrong and not a bug. Any ideas?