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  1. Affinity photo's raw engine does not alter the exposure of the raw image unless you allow the develop assistant to apply a tone curve automatically. It will look underexposed and flat because it is displaying the uncompressed tonal range of the image (more shadow and highlight detail then normal).
  2. Gavin W.

    Affinity Photo Raw Histogram

    Ron P. The raw histogram on the current official version of affinity photo always diplays as 32 bit rather than in the bit depth of the image you are developing. The new beta changed that so it would display the proper histogram for the image opened (E: a 16bit image will have a 16bit histogram).
  3. Gavin W.

    Unable to export photo

    Are you exporting to an external drive? And how large are the files? When exporting large files (usually serifs native file format) to external drives, affinity photo sometimes will give an error and not export/save the files. It is recommended that files be saved to internal drives that have a more stable connection.
  4. Thanks for the explanation. I'm glad I upgraded the ram I had then. It seems to fix the issue.
  5. I installed 3 4gb sticks of ram and the performance seems to be much better.
  6. Why does my computer lock up when I stack too many files rather then just slow down?
  7. If it is a memory issue would it be a good idea to upgrade my ram? I have more than 2gb free and according to the system requirements for affinity photo that should be plenty. I've also ran multiple tests on my ram and found no issues.
  8. The crash does not occur with less images. This stack was 30 images and several previous stacks of around 10 images (also raw) worked just fine. For most of my focus stacks 10 images is not enough. I tried it with a different stack of jpegs and I easily managed to replicate the results I had with the raws. So basically I am able to get it to freeze up with any files that I attempt to stack (if I have enough).
  9. Focus merge of 30 raw images #1 During freeze (task manager is open) #2 Before merge (image size had to be reduced in order for it to upload)
  10. When performing processor-intense tasks such as focus merges, stacks, and panoramas I often experience total freeze ups of my computer. The more files I use in a focus merge, stack, panorama, etc the higher the chance the I will experience the freeze. The computer lags for a few seconds before it stops responding. I lose control of both the mouse and the keyboard. The clock no longer updates. The computer will stay in this state for seemingly forever until I unplug it or soft restart it. It will not turn off properly. I have also experienced this same issue when opening up many files at once (10< raw files). I really am not sure if this is a hardware or software issue, but I have never experienced these issues in any other program. Notes: - I have tried the customer beta and did not notice a difference. - This issue is extremely easy to replicate. - The only other problems I have experienced with this program was one minor crash, and files sometimes not saving.