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  1. Guys, thank you for your suggestions, only tried toltec's method due to my restrained spare time and it works wonders. Will try your method tomorrow James, but right now, i've restored three photos and it went really fast. Ok, they were really badly damaged (bruised) so there's still work to be done but i've come a long way in no time. Again, thanks for your help , now my mom's photo book, she's getting for her birthday, will look much nicer.
  2. Hi, is is possible to do something like Suzzete did in her video (removing white and black dots on an old photo using history marker and history tool in PS, starts at 3:02) in AP? I have lots of old (damaged) photos to restore and they are covered with scratches and dots and there's no way i can clean them using dust&scratches filter, it would take forever. I know, there's no easy way to do it properly, but since i have at least 100 photos to take care of, i'd be very happy to be able to cut down the required time to do it. Thanks for your suggestions,