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    TristanB reacted to globalmatt in Export preview   
    As a web developer, pretty much, yes!
    I disagree, for web development. Every image is different, and requires a different quality setting to produce the best acceptable quality at the smallest file size for web.
    I think you're missing my point. I mentioned PNG24 precisely because it is lossless. i.e. I could then theoretically import it into some sort of image converter and convert to JPEG (although like I say this would be a time-consuming workflow). It wouldn't make sense to export from AD as a lossy JPEG then re-export again from the image converter as another lossy JPEG (although it might be OK if you exported from AD as 100% quality perhaps).
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    TristanB reacted to wayneTheSinger in Export preview   
    Really need this - major hole in the program...
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    TristanB got a reaction from saotome in Invert direction of mouse zoom   
    Hi Affinity team,
    I would like to request the ability to toggle the direction of the mouse zoom. Currently, the system for AD/AF is inverted compared to the rest of Mac OS. That is, I hold Alt + drag-finger-toward-me on the magic mouse to zoom in, and the reverse for zooming out.
    I would like the option (perhaps a checkbox in settings) to be able to match the Mac OS system; thus, when toggled on, I would hold Alt + push-finger-away-from-me on the magic mouse to zoom in, and the reverse to zoom out. This would match things like the system zoom and other applications (such as Sketch).
    Keep up the great work.