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  1. TristanB

    Export preview

    I'm going to toss my comment in here as well: this feature would really speed up my workflow. So much of my time is spent exporting and then checking to see the quality of the export (from a compression standpoint). I think this feature should be a higher priority on the roadmap list.
  2. Hi Affinity team, I would like to request the ability to toggle the direction of the mouse zoom. Currently, the system for AD/AF is inverted compared to the rest of Mac OS. That is, I hold Alt + drag-finger-toward-me on the magic mouse to zoom in, and the reverse for zooming out. I would like the option (perhaps a checkbox in settings) to be able to match the Mac OS system; thus, when toggled on, I would hold Alt + push-finger-away-from-me on the magic mouse to zoom in, and the reverse to zoom out. This would match things like the system zoom and other applications (such as Sketch). Keep up the great work. Cheers!
  3. Applying a live perspective filter to a symbol in Affinity Photo causes Affinity Designer to crash upon opening the file in question. However, you can still open said file with Affinity Photo. Steps to create the issue: Create an Affinity Designer document. Create a later with some sublayers and make that top layer a symbol. Save the file. Open the saved file with Affinity Photo and apply a live perspective filter to the symbol. Save the file. Try to open the file with Affinity Designer and it will immediately crash. I have attached a file that is in the state after completing step 3 above. test.afdesign
  4. Is there any update on this? Using the live perspective filter (when it works) is wonderful, but it indeed seems to have many bugs associated with it.

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