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  1. BTW, do you guys have some sort of voting system for feature requests? That might help everyone to see which missing features are the most important for users.
  2. Hire more developers? Seriously, I hope you manage to get this feature implemented soon (along with better JPEG export quality). It really is an essential feature for web designers/developers that should have been there from the start IMO. Good luck
  3. Thanks Hannah, that looks useful. I will give it a go! It would still be good to have this shortcut built into Affinity Photo of course.
  4. Same question here. How do I quickly revert to the default black & white colours like I can in Photoshop?
  5. As a web developer, pretty much, yes! I disagree, for web development. Every image is different, and requires a different quality setting to produce the best acceptable quality at the smallest file size for web. I think you're missing my point. I mentioned PNG24 precisely because it is lossless. i.e. I could then theoretically import it into some sort of image converter and convert to JPEG (although like I say this would be a time-consuming workflow). It wouldn't make sense to export from AD as a lossy JPEG then re-export again from the image converter as another lossy JPEG (although it might be OK if you exported from AD as 100% quality perhaps).
  6. Because to export every single edited (or re-edited) image as a PNG24 from Affinity Photo, re-import it into an app like this, re-export it again for web, then delete the PNG24 image would take unnecessary time and effort. As a professional web developer I export tens, sometimes hundreds of images per day, which would add up to a lot of wasted time. I would rather switch back to Photoshop or Pixelmator (which both have built-in export preview) than do that. Plus I don't use Windows.
  7. Exactly the same problem here. Affinity Photo's JPEG export produces much worse quality JPEGs than Photoshop (or Pixelmator) for a given file size. This makes it very hard to use Affinity Photo for web development. I hope the developers are addressing this issue. If not then I will probably need to switch back to Pixelmator for web work.
  8. I just purchased Affinity Photo. So far I am loving it, but I am amazed that there is no export preview. This is such a fundamental part of my workflow as a web designer/developer. It's essential to preview image quality when choosing export settings. This is pretty much a deal-breaker for me. Even the (non-pro) Pixelmator has this feature. I hope this gets implemented soon. IMO this should be at the top of the developers' list.
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