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  1. In Designer, I've made an artboard, marked guides (by dragging from rulers), but now I want the artboard to be made bigger (equal in all directions) but the guides move - for example I had a guide at 0mm (top corner) but that moves with the edge when I make the artboard bigger, but I want it to stay where I placed it. Is this possible?
  2. Think I have tried all variations of snapping check boxes. This is a basic example of what I'm trying to do - I want the blue line to line up with the highlighted node. It will snap to both outside edges, but ignores the middle vertical
  3. Not sure I understand, do you mean the only is to resize the document and work out the exact pixel to page size proportions?
  4. Drawing with the pixel tool, is there a way of resizing the layer while keeping the sharp edge of the pixels? Sometimes something I drew isn't the correct scale, but resizing it blurs the line
  5. How can there be problems with something like this? The capability must have been there from the start surely?
  6. I typed some text, turned it into curves, my goal is to make a cutting path, but trying to join the shapes together is having some unexpected effects after fighting the E and Y filling in, I get this: but if I click ADD, I get this:
  7. thanks, another noob question and I think it has to do with snapping. When drawing with the pen tool to make a shape, I want the the last point to line up with the first point, but I can't make it so it locks into position (ie so there is a straight vertical line on the left)
  8. Having a go with the trial version, when I select an object it highlights it, but when I unselect it, it leaves a pink outline. It leaves this pink outline on the last few things I select, is there a setting to modify or turn off this?
  9. By clicking the 'create mask' button on the layers panel. Then using the paintbrush to cut out
  10. Made a new file, CMYK, copy an image from online, paste, create a mask. The mask shows as Greyscale in the colour tab, but its not fully masking the image, like the brush isn't at 100% (it is). If I change the colour tab to show CMYK, make them all 100%, it masks fine. 1. Am I doing something wrong? 2. Can I have the mask auto to CMYK?
  11. I'm really struggling to figure out colour palettes in the program. I want to make a gradient, and then use it a couple of times, but Photo defaults to white to grey every time I select the gradient tool, so unless I write down the CMYK I can't easily repeat it. Is there not a way to have the gradient tool use already selected foreground and background colours?
  12. The original files are made in InDesign, which from that I have made a pdf. What I was attempting to do is open that pdf in Affinity Photo, to convert it into a jpg. But I need to be able to open the pdf as a flat image as I don't have the same fonts.
  13. Because main file is at work and pdf (and Affinity) is at home. I collected files for portfolio, but now found out how I am going to use them (sticking them into a free website maker), I can't use pdfs. So in conclusion - what I want, cant be done?
  14. Need to convert a bunch of pdfs to jpgs, but somewhat ridiculously, the program is too clever. It wants to convert all the fonts, is there anyway I can open the file as a picture? So it's not editable? This is possible in the 'other' photo based program...
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