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  1. Ok, folks, I good with this. Thanks, all.
  2. Perhaps "support" was too harsh a term, but the fact remains that those of us that bought our legitimate copies of Affinity Photo at an Affinity authorized retailer do not have a product key. Not being able to install the beta makes me wonder if I will be able to install future updates. That's all.
  3. No problem. I was browsing for a small app in the Microsoft Store to do some retouching with when I stumbled upon Affinity. At the special pricing I couldn't resist so I bought it. Wishing I hadn't at this point as it seems Affinity doesn't fully support the product if you buy from MS.
  4. Kinda strange. I paid the same price as everyone else for an authorized copy of the software from an approved Affinity retailer and yet I don't have a product key and do not have the same privileges as other users. This should have been spelled out. I would have bought the software from Affinity directly had I known.
  5. No. The Microsoft Store is legit and it sells legit copies of Affinity software. They have for quite a while.
  6. Hi, Eric again. I'm reintroducing myself only with a sense of urgency this time. I purchased Affinity Photo through the Microsoft store and now I don't have a key. Without the key I am unable install the Beta version and maybe future updates. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  7. Hello My name is Eric. Affinity Photo is the first software of its kind I have purchased. At the special pricing, I couldn't refuse and I am pleasantly overwhelmed by all the things it can do. My only question at this time is since I purchased this product through the Microsoft store, am I properly registered so that I can receive notices of updates? TIA and Happy New Year to you.
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